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The first surrogacy program in Russia was implemented in 1995 in Saint Petersburg. Since that time public opinion of surrogacy has become much more positive. Approximately 1 000 babies are born each year with the use of surrogacy programs.

Here are some facts about surrogacy in Russia that you should know:
Compensated surrogacy is legal
Neither adoption, nor court ruling are required, except for cases with single intended parents
The surrogate mother’s name is never listed on the birth certificate
The surrogate mother irrevocably surrenders all rights to the child
In Russia patients with HIV, Hepatitis B & C can legally parent a child through surrogacy, given the following conditions:
The patient is undergoing therapy to reach minimal/not detectable virus blood levels
The sperm will be washed and kept at ideal temperatures
The surrogate mother will sign voluntary informed consent of her participation in a gestational surrogacy program with infected patient
“Scandinavia AVA-PETER” Clinic is proud to announce successful collaboration with reliable partners – the team of the most experienced lawyers in reproductive medicine in Saint-Petersburg and surrogacy programs coordinators. That alliance offers patients an extensive database of surrogate mothers ready to be enrolled into a program at a desired time.
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