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About The Clinic
The Scandinavia AVA-PETER Clinic is the oldest private fertility clinic and has offered its experience and expertise both to residents and foreigners since 1996. The effectiveness of assisted reproduction treatments varies depending on the technique chosen and the reproductive prognosis of the patient. In “Scandinavia AVA-PETER” programs such as egg donation, embryo donation and surrogacy give an accumulated pregnancy rate of close to 90% over three attempts.
Ready to help in any case
Our fertility centers and IVF laboratories have helped many couples, single parents, cancer patients, individuals with genetic conditions, and we have even helped those men and women that are looking to postpone parenthood.
Individual approach
No doubt we live in the era of strong need for personalized approach in IVF. In terms of medical assistance we provide individualized schemes of ovarian stimulation to guarantee the optimal number and quality of eggs. We offer innovative techniques in endometrial preparation with the aim to enhance IVF outcome, large extensive database of egg donors and surrogate mothers. Our fertility specialists and coordinators are trained to care for patients in English, French, Spanish, Italian and Chinese thus breaking the language barrier. The patient`s coordinators stay with the patient from the beginning of treatment through to its completion.
Privacy and discretion
As patient’s wellbeing is our main concern, should an emergency arise to facilitate appropriate care as required we have specialists and facilities on hand. All personal data of our patients are strictly confidential and accessible only for authorized employees.
Professional team
All doctors and embryologists are well-experienced, highly qualified and focused on delivering international best practice. They have been trained in the leading European clinics of infertility and are regular participants of international conferences and seminars on assisted reproductive technology. Not only we do adopt leading global experience, we also contribute to healthcare development by creating new technologies and treatment methodologies. Thus our investigations were honored with awards of American Society for Reproductive medicine in 2016, 2017, 2018 and Excemed (2017).
No waiting list
We offer a large database of donors and surrogate mothers ready to initiate the program at your earliest convenience.
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Please join us for the online tour of our ART clinics.
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