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We continue to provide care

Dear patients! Even against the backdrop of pandemic we continue to provide care so as not to delay the treatment process. We continue to help execute documents and prepare official medical visa invitations for you to be able to come for treatment.
Why our clinic is safe
We believe that concern for patients starts with the observance of safety rules in the clinic, and we fulfil our mission according to strict epidemiological standards. We at Scandinavia AVA-PETER have made every effort to protect our patients and employees.
How we care for our patients
We kindly ask our patients to visit us precisely by the scheduled time and stay at home in case of any ARVI signs.
Our patients enter the clinic through an individual entrance.
We take the temperature of each visitor and provide face masks and gloves.
In addition, we treat all the surfaces (including reception desk, waiting areas) and disinfect the doctors’ rooms.
We have increased time between visits to treat the rooms carefully.
Patients with ARVI signs are managed according to an individual surveillance plan.
How we protect our doctors and staff
Each employee of the clinic receives a permit to work daily, we take temperature and check health status.
All the employees use all the necessary personal protection equipment (protective garment, glasses and respirators).
All the employees are tested for the new coronavirus regularly.
The staff works in teams, personal contacts of the staff are minimized.
We have adapted the operating rooms with regard to extra protection requirements (we use a second filter on lung ventilators inhalation lines).
This makes us believe our clinic is one of the safest places in Saint Petersburg. Visit our clinic without delay and stay safe!
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