Lene Gammelgaard


My best advice “Do not wait to take the next step till it feels right. It most likely never will, because the process of going through fertility treatment is weird. START — just do what has to be done.”

Hi, my name is Lene Gammelgaard. My purpose for being here is to reinstall hope of becoming parent – one day…. Your struggle to become able to take the necessary – oftentimes – absurd actions, for a lot longer than you imagine and believe you can cope with to have a baby - are my first concern. Living with unwanted childlessness for many of us is a life devastating taxing existence. I started suffering from lack of being able to become pregnant when I was in my late 30s. The want to become a mother grew to become an absurd focus for whatever I did and did not do. I deliberately use the term Absurd, because not being able to have the children you desperately desire – transmute what you expose yourself to – while pursuing your ultimate dream. Childlessness hurts. Hurts you as a person, hurts your life quality, hurts your self confidence, hurts your economy and your relations. 

I and Dr. Olgas team are focused on developing mental tools to sustain your fighting spirit – until you do hold your baby. You might have to undergo treatment and inject yourself many more times than you fathom. But as long as you do not give up – there is hope…. We are here if you want us to assist you to reinstall hope and stamina for – one or several more attempts…. I adopted my first child as a single parent, a bizarre process as well. After numerous years parallel fertility treatment attempts and hunts for “a donor/sperm” – analogous with my inevitable depressions, every time I – again – was not pregnant, I approached Dr. Olga in Skt. Petersburg. I had found our God Mother Dr. Olga and in the 2 attempt I conceived my twins in 2008. I am profoundly grateful and therefore I choose to share my process now – because I am passionate about assisting you – hopefully – with mental support – that might help you to prolong you struggles. Do not give up – even though we all do, every time we fail to get pregnant or keep the fetus – again. I want to help you to lessen the devastating pain and keep trying. I cannot make everything perfect and painless and promise you a baby, but I will share my hard won experiences on how to endure – when you can no more…. To lessen the devastation and focus on your goal. Do not give up! We are here for you. I have been in the infertility bubble for years. Keep trying! A baby is worth every absurd adaptation and odd choice along the way”.  

Yours warmly

Lene Gammelgaard

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