Here they make Norwegian children that are illegal to make in Norway

Alena Egorova

Fertility doctor

I can not imagine how I could live without my favorite work, as I can not imagine how I could live without my beloved husband and my little son.

My family and my work are the two most important sources of vital energy for me.

For me, the work is also the possibility of continuous development and the ability to communicate with wonderful people.

I'm thankful for what has allowed me to be among such distinguished professionals and helpful people like our team.

I work with egg donors. It is very important to provide not only a competent medical support but also a moral support and maintain good relations with the donor.

And, of course, I am always happy to work with patients. There is nothing more natural than the desire of having a child. Therefore, my wish to help people become parents is always very strong and sincere. The biggest reward for me is the opportunity to see my patients together with their long-awaited babies.

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