Own egg IVF with PGS

Has IVF been advised by your doctor?

Have you experienced recurrent miscarriage or implantation failure?

Are you of advanced reproductive age?

Do you want a successfull ongoing pregnancy with a healthy baby?

Whether you have just found out that you will need In-vitro Fertilisation (IVF) treatment to create your much wanted baby, have been unsuccessful in the past, are of advanced reproductive age, the costs and chances of success associated with trying to conceive through IVF are a concern for all patients.

How can we give you the best opportunity to get pregnant, stay pregnant and deliver a healthy baby?

At AVA-Peter we want you to get pregnant and stay pregnant, with this in mind and the many reasons why woman come to us for treatment, we have incorporated Pre-implantation Genetic Screening (PGS) into our multi-cycle programme as standard, this unique programme gives our patients the very best possibility of success when carrying out own egg IVF.

How does PGS help to reduce implantation failures or miscarriages?

In IVF, an embryo is selected for transfer based on how it looks (its morphology). However a morphologically good embryo can harbour an abnormal number of chromosomes which can adversely affect implantation or progress to a successful pregnancy.

PGS of the 23 chromosome pairs in morphologically good looking embryos helps to choose those for transfer which have the highest chance to attach or implant and also to result in a healthy life birth.

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Tamsin Bowers, UK Patient Coordinator

Tamsin Bowers

PGS for 23 chromosome pairs reduces the time to pregnancy, the negative effect of maternal age on implantation and increases the chance of a healthy life birth in all age groups.

What are the Success rates when PGS is included in the Treatment?

Irrespective of your age and previous IVF history, when we incorporate PGS with the IVF process your chance of a clinical pregnancy increases to 60% with transfer of a single embryo of good morphology with the normal chromosome number.


Our fixed price IVF + PGS programme includes

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Single IVF Cycle with PGS*



  • Individual and Personalised Treatment planning
  • Assistance with travel/logistics and Visas applications (if required)
  • Medical coordination for the patient before your visit to St. Petersburg 
  • Medical and nursing care in St. Petersburg 
  • Preparation of Sperm (partner or donor)
  • General Anaesthetic for the patient
  • Egg collection
  • Fertilisation of collected eggs
  • ICSI (if required)
  • Blastocyst Culture (standard)


  • Biopsy if all suitable blastocysts
  • Immediate freezing of blastocysts after biopsy (vitrification)
  • Genetic testing of embryos for 23 chromosome pairs (takes up to 1 month)
  • Report on PGS testing for the patient
  • Discussion with assigned doctor re findings of PGS

Frozen embryo transfer of your embryo screened fro 23 chromosome pairs

  • Individual and Personalised Treatment Planning
  • Assistance with travel/ logistics and Visas applications for return visit
  • Medical coordination for the patient before and after your visit to St. Petersburg 
  • Medical and nursing care in St Petersburg 
  • Thawing of morphologically best euploid embryo for transfer
  • Embryo transfer
  • First years storage of remaining euploid embryos (storage can be prolonged on your request until your 51st birthday)

Additional services

  • Up to 4 Airport Transfers and 1 complimentary city tour with a guide :-)
  • Continuation of care via telephone/email on patients return to home country
* Our fixed price treatment programme applies to one cycle of IVF with PGS and does not include your pre-treatment care or medication that will be required in your home country as each patient will require individual preparation based upon their own medical and personal needs, please speak to us for more detail.
Our fixed price treatment programme does not include possible second (third) frozen embryo transfers of remaining embryos

If you want to find out more about our multi-cycle IVF with PGS programme and your options for the future please contact us to arrange your FREE non-obliging telephone consultation. 

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