Screening methods

Screening methods help to identify women whose children may be at high risk for congenital or hereditary disease. These methods include medical genetic consulting and laboratory screening.

Laboratory screening includes determining the serum protein concentration in the female blood: a-fetoprotein (AFP); chorionic gonadotropin; pregnancy-associated plasma protein-A (PAPP-A), etc.

In our clinic we provide genetic counselling for couples with a high risk of hereditary disease in an offspring.

Medical genetic counselling includes:

  1. Risk assessment of chromosome disease in fetus;
  2. Informing a patient and patient’s family about possibility of hereditary disorder;
  3. Informing and counselling a patient on many issues related to disorder, including medical, psychological and social aspects;
  4. Accurate data submission, including the results of prenatal diagnostics, so that a patient can make decision about her pregnancy.

We support the patients’ initiative to make their own decision. We provide them with all the information required. We keep in mind that a decision is individual and should not depend on any global issues. Our contribution is to discuss all the issues, provide information, and recommend to the patient and, if required, to his/her relatives, to undergo additional testing. The major diagnostic procedures are prenatal diagnostics, preimplantation genetic diagnosis, karyotyping, molecular genetic diagnostics, ultrasound screening, etc. Patients get an accurate information on the advantages and risks of the diagnostic procedure. All these tests are available in our clinic.

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