At AVA-Peter we like to, where possible, use only natural fertilization methods in our IVF cycles and to only perform ICSI if and when there is no other option to achieve successful fertilization.

AVA-Peter Clinic is famous for its experienced embryologists, who are renowned in their experience with successful ICSI procedures. AVA-Peter embryologists were the first ones in Russia to achieve life birth after ICSI.

We are very happy and proud of our results for both IVF and ICSI treatments with a woman's own eggs.

So ICSI is a laboratory method to overcome fertilization failure due to male factor infertility, even if it is severe. Just several sperm cells may be enough to achieve fertilization via ICSI. However as soon as fertilization of the eggs is achieved through ICSI and embryos develop further, clinical pregnancy rates depend on the female age

ICSI procedure schematic

Fig.1 ICSI procedure schematic.

  1. Needle point
  2. Pipette
  3. Oocyte
  4. Spermatozoon

In the table below we are proud to present our clinics ICSI results with own eggs in the different patient groups. We can say with all certainty that these high success rates are due to the individually designed pretreatment and stimulation protocols of our clinic. Also shown in the table are those patients of advanced reproductive age and that have not received PGS, as you can see these results are also excellent!

Clinical pregnancy rates in ICSI cycles with own eggs according to female age, 
(fresh ET, 2013 and 2014)

Age of patient





Clinical pregnancies

Clinical pregnancy rate (CPR)


Clinical pregnancies

Clinical pregnancy rate (CPR)






















As you already know the success rates of IVF and ICSI with own eggs decline with the age of a woman. This happens due to the egg aging process which starts after 30 and results in chromosome abnormality in more and more eggs, which makes them incapable of creating a healthy ongoing pregnancy and/or a healthy child.
In women:

  • 20-25% eggs are already abnormal in the age of 30
  • 40-45% of eggs are abnormal in the age of 35
  • 70-75% of abnormal eggs in the age of 40
  • almost all eggs are abnormal after the age of 42

Luckily there is a genetic method to help sort out the abnormal eggs and embryos and to create a pregnancy with a healthy child. Interested? Read more!

According to our own results, checking your embryos for all the 23 chromosome pairs allows you to increase your chances of becoming pregnant from 20-53% in IVF in different age groups to 60% with just one embryo transferred independent of your age!

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