Complications and risks

Hyperstimulation syndrome

Hyperstimulation syndrome is an excessive reaction of the ovaries to hormonal stimulation. The ovaries produce too many follicles, which results in excessive female hormone production. Hyperstimulation is characterized by pain in the lower abdomen, nausea, presence of free fluid in the abdomen and hypertrophy of the ovaries. Hyperstimulation syndrome may require inpatient treatment.

Multiple pregnancy

The multiple pregnancy rate after IVF is markedly high and averages 20-30%, if 2 embryos were transferred. Elective single embryo transfer helps to minimize multiple pregnancy rate.

Ectopic pregnancy

Though an embryo is transferred into the uterus, extopic pregnancy may occur. The incidence of extopic pregnancies after IVF does not differ from the ectopic pregnancy rate in population.

Spontaneous abortions

By the natural conception 12-15% pregnancies end with miscarriage. The risk of pregnancy loss after IVF procedure increases only slightly, due to advanced maternal age.

Risks associated with invasive intervention

The follicular puncture can potentially cause bleeding and inflammation. These complications occur only seldomly however.

Psychological stress

The treatment process is associated with consultations, surveys, procedures and a hard waiting process. All this may result in psychological stress.

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