Family Balancing

How to choose the gender of your future child even before the beginning of pregnancy?

Are you a young healthy woman looking for the opportunity to balance and enlarge your family with a child of a certain gender?

Do you already have 2-3 children of the same gender and are afraid that your husband produces only male (or female) sperms?

You will be happy to find out then that there is an opportunity to choose the gender of your future child even before the beginning of pregnancy!

However, to find out the gender of your embryos at this pre-implantation stage and to then select the desirable gender is possible only in the lab with the help of PGS (preimplantation genetic screening). Hence access to your embryos outside the body is needed, which is possible through a well-established and routine IVF procedure. Also, unlike in natural conception IVF helps to produce several embryos which are necessary to have a good chance of finding the ones of desirable gender and to create your pregnancy. Unlike conceiving naturally, conceiving through IVF means the involvement of a doctor, daily medication, scans, blood tests and some medical procedures during the time frame of up to 2 weeks. The majority of these steps can be successfully completed at your home country with the help of our instructions and guidance.


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