Embryo adoption successful and cost efficient

Embryo adoption (or embryo donation) is a process of using donor embryos for creating your own pregnancy. Embryo adoption is usually a very successful procedure and will soon result in the healthy birth of your own baby, your mother and baby bond will be unbreakable, respected and cherished. Even it may not be genetically related to you, the child will absorb all your best traits, talents, behavior and even looks throughout pregnancy, breastfeeding and daily care, love and communication.

Why is AVA-Peter Embryo Adoption Programme so successful?

Why is AVA-Peter Embryo Adoption Programme very cost efficient?

To keep our embryo adoption procedure as cost efficient as possible we share the fresh donor blastocysts from one professional egg donor-sperm donor fertilization between several recipients. Every recipient receives one or two fresh embryos depending upon their own medical situation and patients wish. If you are planning to have only one child fresh embryo adoption is the most efficient and less expensive option. It will be more effective and less expensive to perform two fresh embryo adoptions rather than one fresh and one frozen embryo transfer within one-to-one simple egg and sperm donation programme. Please compare prices here.

However if you would like to have some extra embryos from the same donors in the freezer for possible brothers and sisters in the future please look at our one-to-one Simple Egg Donation Programme with fresh eggs.

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At AVA-Peter we understand that Embryo Adoption (=Embryo Donation) is not always an easy decision to make, or step to take. There are many reasons why women may require an embryo adoption and different journeys that they will have taken before reaching us, but whatever the reason, or however different the journey may have been, here at AVA-Peter we know that we can support you and help you create a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby.

The only reason why we would not be able to achieve this through embryo adoption is if the women’s uterus (womb) should be absent, or there are severe general medical reasons why a patient is advised not to become pregnant and then embryo adoption becomes impossible. Whatever your doubts or concerns may be please do not forget your wish to become a mother.

Please request a telephone consultation with our Doctor so that we can advise you personally on your chances for live birth through embryo adoption.

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At AVA-Peter we are happy and proud that we can offer our patients the chance to experience becoming a mother without the need to wait months for donor embryos or except donor embryos that may not be the best possible match or quality as in many other clinics.

From the very beginning of your embryo adoption process it is of great importance to us that you understand your medical reasons and feel comfortable to use embryo adoption.

It is also very important for us to advise you in a very personal manner in connection to your medical history not to overestimate the severity of possible egg or/and sperm problems. Surprisingly, many of those patients who contact us to request embryo adoption become parents of healthy children through egg donation with own husband’s/partner’s sperm or even IVF with own eggs with PGS for 23 chromosomes.

Please request a telephone consult with our Doctor so that we can advise you personally on your chances for live birth through embryo adoption and alternatives.

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We have highly personalized medical approach to every patient and have very high standards of communication so as to prevent rather than cure any complications.
Our ultimate goal is a healthy baby in your arms in the shortest possible time!

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