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Egg donation Multi-cycle money back guarantee

Do you require Egg donation to start your family?

Are you worried about mounting treatment costs?

Would you like a money back guarantee in the unlikely event that your treatment is unsuccessful?

If you require egg donation to start your family then at AVA-Peter we know we can help. However, if you are worried about mounting treatment costs, fear being unsuccessful, or feel that after previous failed IVF cycles you want a guarantee that all will be done to make your next cycle a success, then you are not alone.

At AVA-Peter we want to eliminate these worries and concerns and ensure that you know we will do everything we possibly can to make your treatment a success from the very beginning.

By joining our multi-cycle egg donation programme our patients not only gain access to our excellent professional care, high success rates and personalised programmes,  but they know  we are so sure they will be successful we will give them 70% of their money back should they not hold their own baby in their arms!


Our money back guarantee programme not only gives our patients the peace of mind that if they should be unsuccessful in their first attempt they can begin a new cycle without the need for re-financing, but also in the very unlikely event that at the end of the 3 fresh donation cycles they should still be unsuccessful we will give them 70% money back.

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Egg donation Multi-cycle money back guarantee

  • €24900 when using extended profile Premium egg donors (Database)
  • The multi-cycle program must be completed by the age of 51 years old
  • To join our multi-cycle programme the recipient must be 49yrs or under and be accepted by medical review team after initial consultation with our doctor
  • 70% money back if unsuccessful at end of all cycles. If you do not deliver a baby, 70% of the fee will be refunded
  • The agency earns full fee when you give birth to a baby
  • Patients are not obligated to complete all cycles in the programme and may withdraw from the program between cycles and receive a 70% refund.
  • No waiting lists
  • No egg sharing (one-to-one donation)
  • freezing and 1 years storage of all embryos created from 3 fresh cycles
  • ICSI included
  • Blastocyst Culture included
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  • Carry out 1st fresh cycle if unsuccessful then use all frozen embryos before moving onto 2nd fresh cycle
  • then use all frozen before moving onto 3rd cycle then use all frozen
  • if unsuccessful then 70% money back

Our egg donation multi-cycle programme includes

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Egg Donation Multi-cycle programme (3 x IVF Cycles with donor eggs) *


Choosing your individual extended profile egg donor from the large data base (with personal assistance from your doctor should you require it)

  • Choosing your PREMIUM extended profile egg donors for up to 3 one-to-one fresh egg donation cycles from the large data base (with personal assistance from your doctor should you require it)
  • Individual and Personalised Treatment planning for each cycle
  • Assistance with travel/ logistics and Visas applications for each visit
  • Donor medical and psychological screening, medication, stimulation
  • Donor Compensation for up to 3 cycles
  • Medical coordination for both the patient and donor in each cycle
  • Medical and nursing care in St Petersburg for both the patient and the donor in each cycle
  • Up to 3egg collections in the donor under general anesthesia
  • Fertilisation of collected eggs from each cycle (partner/donor sperm)
  • Up to 3 ICSI (if required)
  • Up to 3 Blastocyst Culture (Standard)
  • Up to 3 Assisted Hatching (Standard)

Frozen embryo transfer(s) (FETs) of your embryo(s) screened for 23 chromosome pairs

  • Individual and Personalised Treatment Planning for FETs
  • Assistance with travel/ logistics and Visas applications for return visit(s)
  • Medical coordination for the patient before and after your visit(s) to St. Petersburg 
  • Medical and nursing care in St Petersburg
  • Transfers of frozen embryos created in fresh cycles, euploid on 23 pairs of chromosomes until live birth is achieved
  • The amount of potential FETs depends on amount of euploid embryos available

Additional services

  • Storage of all remaining euploid embryos for 3 years (storage can be prolonged on your request until your 51st birthday)
  • Airport Transfers and one complimentary city tour with a guide :-)
  • Continuation of care via telephone/email on patients return to home country
  • Follow up consultations (by telephone/skype or in person at our clinic)
*Our fixed price money back programme with donor eggs does not include your pre-treatment care or medication that will be required in your home country as each patient will require individual preparation based upon their own medical and personal needs, please speak to us for more detail.
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