Egg Donation Financial Options (Programmes)

All of our single cycle IVF/ICSI Egg Donation Programmes are based upon the same principles:

  • You receive a unique opportunity of choosing your egg donor based upon your own looks, interests and human values. We have created this wonderful Data Base of egg donors for you and all the women who would like to see egg donor photos and have as much as possible information about potential egg donors to make the best choice. We are also very happy to help you with donor choice
  • All egg donors are healthy, under the age of 32, have their own healthy children, an ideal medical history, perfect follicular reserve and laboratory results. They are also psychologically screened and counselled to ensure that they are comfortable with the commitment required in egg donation.
  • Sperm can be frozen in advance; IVF/ICSI, blastocyst culture, embryo transfer, freezing of remaining embryos, medical coordination and care are included

There are some differences between 3 egg donation programmes in:

  • The guaranteed number of donor eggs available for you
  • The guaranteed number of resulting embryos usable for embryo transfer
  • The donation history of egg donors (Premium egg donors have donated earlier with ongoing pregnancies and live births after their donations)​

Please see the table below for comparison:

Egg Donation

Single Egg Donor IVF Cycle with 8 fresh eggs

Single Egg Donor IVF Cycle with 12 fresh eggs

Single Egg Donor IVF Cycle with A Premium Donor with 12 fresh eggs





Guaranteed number of fresh donor eggs available for the recipient

8 fixed

12 or more

12 or more

One-to-one donation (all eggs donated in this cycle, belong to the recipient)




Programme Description

Single Cycle IVF/ICSI with 8 mature eggs from Extended Profile Egg Donor

Single Cycle IVF/ICSI with no less than 12  fresh eggs from Extended Profile Egg Donor

Single Cycle IVF/ICSI with no less than 12 fresh eggs from Extended Premium Profile Egg Donor

Guaranteed amount of embryos on day 5 available for embryo transfer and/or freezing

2 or more 4 or more 4 or more

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Advantages of Our Egg Donation Programme with Baby Guarantee

Even though the success rates of our Egg Donation Programmes are so high, we know that not every patient will need the same amount of donor egg IVF, or ICSI attempts to achieve healthy live birth. Some patients need just 1-2 embryo transfers to achieve healthy live birth, but some patients need more than that due to implantation difficulties, or pregnancy losses. We have calculated that 88% of our patients will achieve live birth within one fresh and two frozen embryo transfers, which is possible if a good amount of blastocysts are created in a single egg donation IVF or ICSI cycle. But, what if you happen to fall into the remaining 12% patient group and another IVF/ICSI attempt with a new donor is required?

Our Baby Guarantee Egg Donation Programme is designed to reduce the financial stress and worry, that many infertility patients experience, after having already spent a great deal of money on their previous fertility treatments. The goal of Our Baby Guarantee is to give our patients the peace of mind and the financial resources to use for other family building options, such as adoption, if treatment at our clinic, in spite of all our hopes, was unsuccessful.

In our Baby Guarantee Egg Donation Programme 80% of the programme cost will be refunded if no baby is born within 3 x IVF/ICSI with donor eggs.

We want to share with you your risk and your success in creating a healthy baby in your arms!



Egg Donation - Live Birth Money Back Guarantee

80% of your money is refund if a baby is not born within 3 IVF/ICSI cycles with donor eggs

24 900 €


  • 80% of your money is refund if a baby is not born within 3 IVF/ICSI cycles with donor eggs.
  • Fixed discounted price compared to carrying out 3 IVF/ICSI cycles with Premium Extended Profile Egg Donor (€12900 per cycle) and all associated frozen embryo transfers of remaining embryos that follow (€1850 per transfer)
  • Choosing your Premium Extended egg donors from our Egg Donor Database. Extended profile includes; egg donor photos, personal letters, physical description, family and medical history, education, occupation, job and interests. We can provide you with personal assistance in your donor choice if you require it.
  • Patients are not obligated to complete all cycles in the programme and may withdraw from the programme between cycles receiving a 80% refund.

Baby or your money back!
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What is the price of each donor egg IVF attempt within each of the 4 financial options?

This is excluding any potential frozen embryo transfers at a cost of €1850 each which are not included in our Single CycleIVF/ICSI Egg Donation Programmes, but is included in our 3 Package Egg Donation Programme with Baby Guarantee

Egg Donation Programme

Single Egg Donor IVF Cycle
with 8 fresh eggs

Single Egg Donor IVF Cycle with 12 fresh eggs

Single Egg Donor IVF Cycle with A Premium Donor with 12 fresh eggs

Live Birth Money Back Guarantee

Price of the Programme

€6990 €9900 €12900 €24900

Price of Single donor egg IVF/ICSI cycle





Price of each potential FET (frozen embryo transfer)





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