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Making the decision

Choosing egg donation IVF is not easy

IVF with egg donation is a very effective technique but it is not easy to choose to try it. It marks the point where you consciously realise that it is too difficult or impossible to conceive a child who will be genetically related to you. This is even harder if you have been trying for years to conceive your own genetic child with your husband or partner.

Opinions about egg donation

successful egg donation results

Egg donation IVF raises many ethical, social, legal and medical issues. You will no doubt come across a whole range of different viewpoints on the subject, in addition to your own. Everyone seems to have an opinion, and most people are very happy to voice theirs even if it is highly controversial or even insensitive. Some viewpoints are formed by personal experience, while others rely on reports in the media, professional protocols or religious standpoints. Your partner, family and friends may vary widely in terms of how much they support the idea of IVF with egg donation. Much has also been written on the subject by sociologists, psychologists, legal experts and doctors. The important thing to remember is that only you and your partner can make the decision whether this form of IVF treatment is right for you. If it is, our team at AVA-Peter is ready to help you.

Genetic issues

The most difficult aspect of egg donation IVF is of course the genetic angle. The person who undergoes IVF is now the egg donor, not the would-be mother (the egg recipient). This means coming to terms with the fact that your own genes will not be passed on to your child. For some people this is of less importance than for others, but it is a significant decision to make. This is why egg donation is usually only embarked upon after other options have failed. For example, at AVA-Peter we treat many couples who have sadly gone through unsuccessful IVF treatment (using the female partner’s own eggs) many times. However, egg donation IVF very often proves to be the only effective way to overcome infertility in women aged over 40. The AVA-Peter doctors are aware of the sensitive nature of the choice, and will be happy to talk the issues through with you.



photos of egg donation children

If you have already spent years trying to have a child without success, and are still persevering, we very much understand and respect your wish to become a parent. The desire to have a child is a very strong one, and the advantage of egg donation is that (unlike with adoption, for instance) your partner provides half of the genetic material of your child. Naturally, you would have preferred to provide the other half yourself, but sometimes this is sadly not possible. However, once you are pregnant, you will experience the delight of feeling the baby grow inside you and knowing that it is your body that is nurturing your child.

Personal matching

If you choose to go ahead, we will offer you a donor from the AVA-Peter databank who matches your requirements as closely as possible. For most people, this means one who physically resembles the egg recipient (the would-be mother) as closely as possible. Other factors may also be important to you, such as the egg donor’s blood group, educational level, profession or interests. Most of our patients find it reassuring to know these details, although some simply prefer to leave the decision up to us.

Talk to us about it

Even if you still want to have another attempt at fertility treatment using your own eggs first, you may find it comforting to know that another option exists if you are not successful. You can send your details to AVA-Peter using the link below, and we will contact you to say how we can help you.

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