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Ten donor egg guarantee

The balance between Number and Quality of donor eggs

At Ava Peter we are passionate about the importance of providing a good embryological start for each patient in terms of Quality and Number of donor eggs. To ensure such a high quality and number of donor eggs we perform a very accurate and critical screening of potential egg donors.

The Egg Donors that we choose are always women under the age of 30 who have their own healthy children, an ideal medical history and perfect follicular reserve and laboratory results. Due to our thorough and in-depth screening of egg donors we can always ensure that no less than 10 donor eggs are produced by each egg donor and hence available for fertilisation for each recipient in one-to-one egg donation programmes (Personal or  Simple egg donation)

We ensure that no less than 10 donor eggs are available for fertilization for each our Recipients of individual egg donation programme. The more donor eggs available for fertilization, the larger the selection group for the choice of the best embryo for transfer - we always watch our embryos until day 5 to choose the best ones!

But it is important to have a good balance between the number and quality of donor eggs. For example, high stimulation dosage compromises egg quality that is why we only use mild stimulation protocol for our egg donors to enable us to collect sufficient amount of high quality donor eggs. Usually we collect 15 - 17 eggs from one egg donor.


Because we only involve potential egg donors under the age of 30, with good follicular reserve and that have their own children in the egg donation programme it is always possible to collect a good number of eggs even after very modest stimulation dosages and this low dose stimulation allows us to preserve the natural  donor egg quality.

All the collected donor eggs from one donor are used for only one recipient within our one-to-one egg donation programme (Personal or Simple), it is usually more than 10 donor eggs available for each recipient.

But what happens if despite all the criteria and logic an egg donor fails to produce sufficient amount of eggs?

This happens in less than 5 % of cases of egg donor stimulation and we have at least two solutions for this situation:

  • We can provide an individual back up egg donor with similar optical qualities without need to postpone your treatment
  • Should you not like to continue with our back up egg donor we have a large bank of frozen donor eggs available for you to choose from

Should you choose not to use any of the two previous solutions, we can match you or you can choose a new donor and new timing without any extra charges!

None of these proposed solutions requires any additional payment!

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