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Egg donation

At AVA Peter we understand that egg donation is not always an easy decision to make, or step to take. There are many reasons why a women may require egg donation and different journeys that they will have taken before reaching us, but whatever the reason, or however different the journey may have been, here at AVA Peter we know that we can support you and help you create a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby.

egg donation at AVA-Peter

The only reason why we would not be able to achieve this through egg donation is if the women’s uterus (womb) should be absent, or there are severe general medical reasons why a patient should not become pregnant and then egg donation becomes impossible. Whatever your doubts or concerns may be please do not forget your wish to become a mother.Our excellent results in egg donation have enabled us to offer our “Money back guarantee egg donation programme”  to all women in the age under the age 49, who would like to protect themselves against bad luck. We are very sure of our egg donation success rates, so that if our patients do not deliver a baby within 3 IVF egg donation tries, we return them 70% of their money back.

Please request a telephone consult with our Doctor so that we can advise you personally on your chances for live birth through egg donation.

12 Excellent Reasons for Choosing the AVA-Peter and IDEAS International Egg Donation Programme:


Outstanding Quality Management systems and certification

Located in the center of beautiful St Petersburg is the AVA-Peter clinic, AVA-Peter belongs to the internationally renowned and respected AVA Network. We offer outstanding Quality Management systems and certification for fertility treatments and egg donation (ISO 9001:2008 certified since 2008)


We offer the only Money Back Egg Donation Programme in Europe!

We offer the only Live Birth Guarantee, or Money Back Egg Donation Programme in Europe! along with excellent medical care and full support before, during and after your trip to St Petersburg:

  • We ensure that your medical team does not change during treatment, you will be assigned your own personal fertility specialist, nurse and patient coordinator. We will offer you personally designed treatment that meets your own personal needs and wishes, with careful monitoring and supervision throughout your treatment cycle.
  • Your personal family counsellor will ensure that you have the tools to cope with your treatment emotionally and mentally and will enable you to have a good quality of life during and after treatment.


We are happy to welcome all women up to the age of 51

Whether married, in a same sex relationship, or single we are happy to welcome all women up to the age of 51 into treatment at our clinic.


Our egg donors are all women under the age of 32yrs old with children of their own. 

With thorough and comprehensive testing and screening we ensure that they have the very best fertility potential. We also meet all donors in person, take detailed medical history of their immediate family (Parents, children and siblings) and request photos as a child and adult.


The only Comprehensive Database of Egg Donors in Europe!

We have the only Comprehensive Database of Egg Donors in Europe! enabling our patients to choose their own egg donor with extended profiles and pictures until the age of 10 yrs old:

  • In total we offer you access to over 600 egg donors, with approximately 200 of them being on the database at any one time for you personally to choose from. All donors are ready to start treatment in line with your own preferred dates for treatment:
  • The database offers you access to 150 personal details and photos of each donor until the age of 12, with their personal motivational letters and reasons for becoming an egg donor.
  • If you require any assistance with choosing your egg donor we will be only too happy to help! we can guide you through the database and help you to make the very best choice of egg donor that meets your personal needs and wishes. To receive your free 7 day access to the database and view all current available donors, without obligation, please email


Possibility to match a donor to your basic physical characteristics

If you would prefer that our Doctors and experienced Egg Donor Team match a donor to your basic physical characteristics we will ask you to provide details about your preferred egg donors; age, blood group, height, weight, hair and eye colour and personal photographs of yourself to assist with the matching process.


Within all of our fresh egg donation programmes we guarantee a minimum of 10 donor eggs for the recipients IVF or ICSI treatment cycle.

In our one to one fresh egg donation programmes we ensure one to one donation with no egg sharing. All eggs produced by your personal egg donor belong to you with the average egg collection in our donors being 15-17eggs.


Our Money Back Egg Donation Programme is based upon Live Birth! unlike any other clinic in Europe!

Live birth after 3 fresh egg donation cycles, or we give you 70% of your money back!


We have outstanding Egg Donation Success Rates!


Single fresh embryo transfer based upon morphology (not PGS tested) has a clinical pregnancy rate of 54%


Single frozen embryo transfer based upon morphology (not PGS tested) has a clinical pregnancy rate of 52%


Single frozen embryo transfer based upon morphology and correct for 23 chromosome pairs (PGS tested) has a clinical pregnancy rate of 60%

The highest chance for pregnancy and live birth for each embryo transferred is achieved by choosing embryos based upon both morphology and genetics!

More information about Pre-implantation Genetic testing (PGS)


We always Freeze and Store all remaining good morphology and quality embryos

We always Freeze and Store all remaining good morphology and quality embryos for use in the future should your first transfer be unsuccessful, or you desire directly related siblings.


We can offer our patients treatment in just one visit to our clinic!

With the help of your local doctor if they will be happy to prescribe your medication and carry out 2 scans. If however, you do not have a local doctor we will be more than happy to refer you to a local consultant that we already collaborate with (please ask for more details)

We can offer you the opportunity to visit our clinic for just a one day stay for the majority of our egg donation programmes (sperm freezing visit for one day for the male partner and one day visit for embryo transfer for the female partner) We recommend an extra day stay for the female partner so that we can fully advise and support you after embryo transfer with recommendations on how to keep your pregnancy. Your personal coordinator will be able to advise you on the required duration of your stay based upon your chosen programme: or +7 812 600 7 812


We do not have waiting lists for treatment!

We are proud to be able to offer you over 200 donors to personally choose from in our egg donor database and over 600 egg donors in total, all egg donors are available for treatment immediately.

* By choosing your egg donor or asking us to expertly match you to your egg donor and then telling us the dates that you are available for treatment we will design your personal treatment cycle and treatment plan that is tailored to your needs and timings making your cycle as stress free as possible. Your personal coordinator will assist you with aspects of your trip (Flights, hotels and Visas if required) They will book your free guided tour of the city and advise you on any other sightseeing you would like to do during your stay – we will even send our Chauffer’s to collect and return you to the airport!

Our ultimate goal is a healthy baby in your arms in the shortest possible time!


Would you like free 7 day, non-obliging, access to our egg donor database?

If you decide that you would like a little more help and guidance through the database, or need some advice our team will be on hand. Our coordinators and Doctors can advise and assist you in making the very best choice of egg donor for your future treatment cycle!

Please email us at and we will be only too happy to create this for you, alternatively if you prefer please call us on +7 812 600 7 812

Interested in egg donation at AVA-Peter?

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