Egg donation guarantees

Egg number guarantee and Embryo guarantee

Programme Name

Extended Egg Donation Programme

Extended one-to-one Egg Donation Programme

Extended Premium one-to-one Egg Donation Programme

Guaranteed number of fresh donor eggs available for the recipient

8 fixed

12 or more

12 or more

Guaranteed amount of embryos on day 5 available for embryo transfer and/or freezing

2 4 4





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Baby Guarantee

3 Package Egg Donation Programme with Baby Guarantee

80% refund if no is baby born within 3 x IVF/ICSI with donor eggs



  • 80% of costs will be refunded if no is baby born after 3 IVF/ICSI attempts with fresh donor eggs, including fresh and frozen embryo transfers.
  • Fixed discounted price compared to carrying out 3 IVF/ICSI cycles with Premium Extended Profile Egg Donor (€12900 per cycle) and all associated frozen embryo transfers of remaining embryos that follow (€1850 per transfer)
  • Choosing your Premium Extended egg donors from our Egg Donor Database. Extended profile includes; egg donor photos, personal letters, physical description, family and medical history, education, occupation, job and interests. We can provide you with personal assistance in your donor choice if you require it.
  • Patients are not obligated to complete all cycles in the programme and may withdraw from the programme between cycles receiving a 80% refund.

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Embryo adoption guarantees

Baby Guarantee Embryo Adoption


  • Up to 4 transfers of up to 2 top quality blastocysts per transfer
    from our top quality egg and sperm donors


  • 80% of the programme fee will be refunded if there is no baby born after 4 embryo adoption attempts
  • Patients are not obligated to complete all 4 cycles and may withdraw from the programme between cycles and receive a 80% refund
  • Embryos are matched to you according to your physical characteristics
  • An extended profile of your matched egg donor is available to you on your request and without extra charge

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