PGS results at AVA-Peter

Materials and methods

November 2012 — April 2014

  • 97 PGS cases in 83 patients
  • 397 embryos on day 5/6 (1—16 embryos per patient, in average — 4.1 embryos/patient)
  • All embryos frozen via vitrification immediately after biopsy
  • Transfers of frozen-thawed embryos, euploid for 23 chromosome pairs took place in subsequent cycles (not in the egg collection cycles) aCGH 24Sure (BlueGnome, UK)

PGS results via aCGH  method

Number of planned PGS aCGH cycles


Number of cancelled PGS cycles due to having no blastocysts for biopsy


Number of performed PGS aCGH cycles


No embryo transfer took place, because all embryos abnormal

27 cycles (27.8%), out of which 19 cycles only 1-2 blastocysts available fro PGS



Quantity of transferred embryos

59 (43 “SET” (84.3%) + 8 DET (15.7%)

General group (HCG+/ET  CP/ET)

31/51 (60.8%)   

28/51 (54.9%)

October 24, 2013 — The first child born after PGS aCGH at AVA-Peter!

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